Earn passive income with your own custom engraved souvenir penny press machine

Turn US Pennies into elongated souvenir coins!

Souvenir penny press machines are perfect for:

Gift Shops
Tourist Attractions
Bars & Restaurants
Breweries & Distilleries

Historic Attractions
Amusement Parks
Train Stations
Educational Sites
Auto Shows

Souvenir Shops
Resort Destinations
Zoos & Aquariums
Sports Stadiums
And More!

They’re as easy to operate as 1-2-3

And better yet, the customers operate it themselves with no staff needed.
It’s all part of the fun!

The customer selects the design they want…

inserts two (or more) quarters, plus a penny…

and cranks the handle until their elongated souvenir penny drops out!

Get started with owning your own custom penny press machine!

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